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Thank you for your interest in Walk This Way Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services.  Our regular service area in Philadelphia includes Manayunk, Roxborough, Wissahickon,  Andorra and East Falls.

Leaving your animal companion safe at home means finding the right pet sitter. Whether you’re going away on vacation or need daily dog walks, we offer tender loving care and personalized attention for your pets in the comfort of your home. One of our professional and experienced staff members will visit your home to feed, walk and play with your pets. We want every pet owner to leave home with peace of mind, knowing his or her pets and home are in our responsible care.

When allowing animals to keep their daily routines of feeding, walking, medication and individual attention, owners report that their pets experience less stress and adjust better to their owners’ absence. Walk This Way offers the bonus of home security measures by bringing in mail and newspapers, rotating lighted areas, opening and closing draperies and other touches that make the house appear occupied while the owner is away.

Walk this Way is bonded and insured and a member of Pet Sitters International.

ALL Staff are Cat and Dog CPR Certified!!


Philadelphia Dog Walker
  • No weekly contract required – use us as little or as often as you need!
  • No pack walks – your pet gets the individualized attention they deserve
  • No extra charge for last-minute calls, cancellations or for administering medications
  • The same pet sitter every day
  • We treat every pet as if they were our own
  • A unique alternative to boarding facilities
  • Specializing in daily dog walks
Call us today to set up a free in-home consultation

(any subsequent meetings and/or key pick up after initial consultation will be charged $16)

Meet The Staff:

Sandra (Sandy) Zanetto- Owner & Walker


In 1996 I left my law practice to follow my “interest” in the arts.  I have been co-owner of Orbit Gallery in Manayunk for over 18 years.  About 10 years ago, having lived in Bucks County with a goat named “Ricey” and no fewer than 3 dogs and 2 cats, I decided to follow my “heart”  We began Walk This Way with one dog and by word of mouth, hard work and endless hugs and sloppy kisses, we have grown to serve hundreds of the most wonderful “4 legged people” on the planet.  We have been written about in The Star and please check out our many favorable reviews on yelp.  All of this would not be possible without the dedication and love shown by our incredible staff.  Below you will get to know them and their stories. Thanks, as always, for your interest in Walk This Way.

 Dara Schneider – Office Manager

dara pic

My name is Dara Schneider and I have been working for Walk This Way since 2005.  I started out as a dog walker/pet sitter which I absolutely loved doing.  Later in 2005, I became the office manager and enjoy that just as much since I am able to interact with the clients and staff on a daily basis. As a child, my house was always full of animals.  I have experience caring for dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, turtles, frogs, lizards and birds.  I also have experience with horses as I was always visiting my Uncle at his horse farm in Horsham, PA.  I currently live in South Jersey and take care of Walk This Way from my home office.  I have two beautiful children, 13yo Justin and 7yo Ava and an adorable furry son, Min Pin, Mr. Mojo!

Faith Moore – Walker, Websites Manager

faith profess pic

Hello, my name is Faith Cambridge, I have been with walk this way since January 2013. I absolutely love my job. I am a walker for Walk This Way, and I also manage the company’s website and Instagram. Working with the animal’s every day is fun and rewarding. Most of them are full of energy and wagging tails when I come in.  I have plenty of experience with animals. I attended W.B Saul High School of Agricultural Sciences, I worked at the Mt. Airy animal hospital, and I grew up with animals of my own. I currently have a dog named Bella and a cat named Skittles. They are my world! I love my fellow walkers and I adore my bosses. I couldn’t be happier waking up, because I am doing something I love to do:)

Meagan Maxwell- Walker

meagan bio pic

Hi there! I’m Meagan. I’ve been walking dogs with Walk This Way since 2013 and I
love it! When I’m not dishing out pets and love to our clients, I like spending time in the gym, running in the woods with my dog, at the park, baking or volunteering with animals! I love all kinds of animals, large or small, and can’t wait to meet yours!

Rebecca- Walker


I’m Rebecca- I started walking dogs with Walk this Way in 2015. I’ve always loved to be around dogs- and all animals. I grew up with a house full of animals. I still have a house full -2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs and a lot of fish.

I am very interested in animal behavior and am a certified dog trainer. I love getting to know all the animals I visit!

Here is my website: http://www.rubydogtraining.com/

Nicole- Walker


My name is Nicole and I started working at Walk This Way in June of 2015. My love for animals began at a very young age when my parents surprised my sisters and I with a new puppy on Christmas morning. At that moment, I knew that I would never walk alone :). I see my time here at Walk This Way as more of a hobby than a job. I love every minute I have with these pets and give as much love and care to them as I do my own. When I am not working, I love going to the gym, being active, and taking my dog on special trips and adventures! I am certainly at my happiest when I am around animals and look forward to meeting new furry friends every day!

Raichel- Walker 

My name is Raichel and I have been with Walk This Way since 2015. I have loved being around animals my whole life and have had many different pets while growing up like dogs, rabbits, hamsters, hedgehogs, turtles, ducklings, and fish. As a child I went to farm camp for most summers and have experience taking care of chickens, goats, sheep, cows, pigs, and horses. Working with Walk This Way is very rewarding and I love being greeted by wagging tails and purring cats. When I’m not working with your animals, I love spending time with my dogs, working out, and being active. I’m also currently getting my Master’s Degree for Recreational Therapy and I am an EMT. I can’t wait to meet your pets and make new furry friends! 

Sueann- Walker   Since I grew up with dogs & cats, I knew they’d always be a part of my life. My dog Sydney & my cat Zeke make me smile every day. I was happy to be of help to the cat rescue group I was involved with for years, since I rescued a litter of kittens who were left by their momat just a few weeks old. Before joining walk this way I lived on a 56 acre farm where there were deer, fox, turtles & many forms of wildlife… plus my own dogs & cats& my pet-sitting visitors. After working as a Paralegal for many years it makes me appreciate being a dog walker that much more. I love the welcome I get with licks & kisses and having fun walking and playing with your 4 legged family member. 

Chris- Walker 

My name is Chris. I am really glad to be with the Walk This Way team! The coworkers are fantastic. Also the clients are wonderful, wet noses and all. The human companions are fantastic as well. I’m a retired ER veterinary nurse. I find that I will always be working with animals in one capacity or another. The loves of my life are my fur kids Panko an Anatolian Shephard, Cake a three legged poodle mix, and cheese fry the cat. 

Holly- Walker 

Hey I’m Holly! I’ve lived with and adored animals my whole life. I have a real passion and love for animals that translates to my two adorable kitties and my job as a dog walker and pet sitter. I’m a second year graduate student at Saint Joseph’s university studying criminal justice and I’ve lived in Philly for a year and a half. I love being active and having the chance to play with animals for a living. I can’t wait to get to know your furry babies. 

Michelle- walker 

Hi, I’m Michelle and every since I was young, I have loved and respected animals. I am happily drawn to their playfulness, unique characters and open spirits. There has always been some type of animal where I lived, whether my own or a friends’, and I have owed and cared for diabetic cats and cats needing medication. Caring for them is hardly work when they bring me such joy and laughter. 

Emily- walker 

Hi! My name is Emily and I’m super excited to be part of the Walk This Way team. I’ve been an animal lover for my entire life and can’t wait to get to know your pets! I live with three cats, and have been walking dogs for over 10 years now. I recently graduated from college with a degree in animation and love to draw in my free time. I don’t believe that someone has to be a cat person OR a dog person- why not both? The more animals the better! 

Becca- Walker 

I’ve been working in pet care for about three years. I started at a pet hotel and currently work at a small animal shelter. I’m always learning more about animal behavior and proper care for them. At the pet hotel I learned how to clean the kennels, see signs of behavioral problems, feed the animals, hand feed the dogs, and communicate with their owners on how their stay was. In the future I plan on going back to school and study veterinary technician to pursue more care for pets. 


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