Help save a life❤️

The City Shelter is Full: You Can Help

Warm weather has arrived, and the number of animals entering the city shelter is increasing dramatically. If you have ever considered adopting or fostering a pet, now is the time. You’ll save not only the pet you bring home, but also the one who gets the space you open up at the shelter. These are the animals most at risk, who need foster care most urgently:

• Kittens, with and without their mothers, who are too small and fragile to survive in the shelter. All they need is a spare room, food and litter, and lots of love and socialization until they’re old enough for adoption.

• Adult cats with upper respiratory infections: they just need a few weeks of medication and TLC to get healthy again and find a forever home.

• Large dogs with friendly temperaments who are energetic or working on basic training. Experienced dog foster parents are needed to give them a routine and help them get ready for adoption.

Can’t take one home? Help spread the word by sharing adoptable pets from Facebook, Instagram, or


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